Chatbot for Multiple Platforms

ChatBook responds instantly without keeping customers waiting.
Customer experience is not hindered.

Integrating and Managing Communication on the Web / Social Media

ChatBook works on the Web and social media (LINE, Facebook, Instagram).

Based on uniform customer management by automatically serving and integrating customers who visit the website and from advertisements, it provides the optimum information that customers want in the optimum location.

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Easy to Create Bots with Various Templates

ChatBook offers abundant templates for purposes such as request documents, membership registration, and customer attraction.

You can create a bot easily by using the template.

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Auto/Manual Mode Selection

It is possible to switch to manual mode when the customer is talking to the bot.

You can flexibly respond to needs that could not be picked up by the bot.

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Automatic Nurturing with Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to customers who have interacted with you in the past on each of the most responsive channels.

It is possible to approach effectively by sending the optimum message to each customer.

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Improvement of the Scenario by Utilizing the PDCA Cycle

It is essential to improve the scenario by utilizing the PDCA cycle.

You can improve the bot effectively based on the conversion analysis displayed on time.

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