Auto/Manual Mode Selection

Responding to needs that could not be picked up by the bot

We can provide optimal information individually for needs and questions that could not be picked up by unmanned support.

Respond to inquiries on SNS with high response rate

ChatBook automatically provides the first support, and based on that information, you can approach on SNS.
By providing information that meets the needs of customers on SNS with a high response rate, you can carry out sales activities efficiently.

Direct approach to highly accurate users

It is possible to switch to manned support when the user is using the bot in real time.
By manned support for highly accurate users, sales activities can be carried out speedily.

All in one to streamline customer acquisition

Increase your customer acquisition rate with chatbot that serves customers automatically.

ChatBook is a marketing-specialized chatbot service that solves problems on SNS and the Web.
We can accurately deliver the information that customers want to know.

We will guide you to the optimum design for your company.
Please contact us for demos and documents.

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