API Integration


Only two companies in Japan with automatic chatbot tools!
The information acquired in the bot is automatically updated to Salesforce by linking with AppExchange.
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ChatBook updates conversation data on the bot automatically to Marketo.
ChatBook supports the review and progress of the negotiation stage.
It enables smooth nurturing by incorporating a push message in ChatBook to Marketo scenario.


ChatBook sends a notification on Slack when a conversation with a new user begins.
You can manage your potential customers without missing them with the tools you always use.
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Google Calendar

ChatBook syncs with Google Calendar to list your free time in your chat.
You can get an appointment without the hassle of adjusting the date and time.


ChatBook reserves online meetings on Zoom and automatically publishes URLs.


Conversation history can be linked in real time.
You can understand the needs of users in advance and sell effectively.


You can centrally manage the communication history with customers.
You can improve your productivity by selling based on past communication.


ChatBook automatically links user data obtained from chat.
You can respond after confirming customer information, so customer satisfaction is improved.


It integrates information from multiple channels and enables centralized management.
You can reduce information input omissions and concentrate on sales activities.

All in one to streamline customer acquisition

Increase your customer acquisition rate with chatbot that serves customers automatically.

ChatBook is a marketing-specialized chatbot service that solves problems on SNS and the Web.
We can accurately deliver the information that customers want to know.

We will guide you to the optimum design for your company.
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