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ChatBook helps you build better Facebook Messenger Chatbots to help you automate your marketing, sales and lead generation.
The ONLY official Facebook chatbot partner in Japan.
ChatBook integrates perfectly with Salesforce and Marketo.

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Case Studies

Recruit Career Case Study

Our lead generation improved 44% with 61% reduced CPA!

Biztex, Inc.

Effectively reduced lead costs by 67%! Business engagement up 20%!

Sapporo Breweries Ltd.

Open rate and CTR was 10X better than email

Fuel your team growth

A massive increase in the amount of time sales reps spend selling via virtual channels. Time spent interacting with customers virtually has increased 3X over that of meeting in-person.

ChatBook automates repetitive but important work done virtually with clients, suggesting sales reps which clients to focus first to save their time.

Special Secret Sauce of B2B Marketing using Social Media

Over 1M activity data tracked from lead generation to closed-won

Sales rep’s guide to make appointments outside bots

Successful live templates

How it works

Unlike traditional online advertisements, ChatBook will guide customers to conversions smoothly through automated conversations

User starts chat through Facebook Ad

Automated Engagement via ChatBot

Improved Conversion

With ChatBook



Up to 7X better conversion rates than email and traditional marketing.


Open Rates

Higher Open Rates and Engagement through Broadcast Messages.


Saved CPA

Reduce 50-70% of CPA compared to other marketing methods.


Do you need programming to create an automation bot?

No programming needed. Two clicks and you are ready to start.

Do you work on advertisement too?

Basically it’s better that clients work on advertisement on your own as there usually is an internal marketing strategy. We occasionally work on advertisement on behalf of our customers.

Is Facebook Messenger the only platform you operate?

Currently we not only operate on「 messenger」, and you also could link to the 「LINE」to set up a bot through our service

Can we set up a bot on our website?

Yes you can. Don’t miss chance to grow your potential clients!

What are the differences between other chatbots?

Many chatbot development platforms are build for customer success. ChatBook is a dedicated platform to capture leads, which difference us by evaluation feature such as AI scoring, nurturing, ads automation, and conversion analysis. Ping us for more detail.

How much does it cost?

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